- the worldwide network of, by and for the last genuine Peoples of the Forests.

friends of Peoples close to Nature, fPcN - interCultural,

will provide here - in collaboration with ECOTERRA Intl. and other groups, organizations as well as individual human rights specialists and activists - an internet home especially for the Forest Peoples of Afrika (Africa), like the Twa (BaTwa), the Aka (BaAka), Mbuti (BaMbuti), Mbenga (BaMbenga), Yaka (BaYaka), the Efé et al., against whom - since the colonial days - a gigantic and so far never ended genocide is directed.

The extermination of the Forest Peoples MUST STOP NOW

and the derogatory terms "Pygmy" or "pygmoid" as well as the colonial, racist and fascist term "tribe" must vanish. They are real peoples and have real names.

But not only in Afrika - where these people of the very First Nations still survive today - like especially in Uganda, Rwanda, the Congo Basin and Cameroon (though the Jumbo People of Kenya are already extinct) - these skilful survivors and knowledge-bearers of life in harmony with Nature are persecuted everywhere. In Australia, in Thailand, where the so-called "Negritos" of Southeast Asia are oppressed, in Malaysia, Borneo, the Andaman Islands, Indonesia, the Philippines, in Papua New Guinea and specifically in in West-Papua (see www.freewestpapua.net) and as well as in Bolivia and Brazil the communities of true Forest Peoples are gravely endangered. Everywhere these genuine Forest Peoples are haunted by an ever increasing voracious and globalized mainstream society and the consumerism into which most people are forced today.

Humans, the world over, have to wake up and realize that there is no help or protection for these Indigenous Peoples coming from the United Nations (UN) or other bodies of global governance. In fact it was the corrupt UN, that for example gave away the homelands of the Forest Peoples of West-Papua to the highest bidder (Indonesia) - though the people of West Papua had won their independence from the colonial Netherlands. And it is the UN, which even doesn't allow the true First Nations, though they are affected the most, into their circle of state governments or to participate in the real and binding decision-making of that world body, where post-colonial state-conglomerates believe they could continue to rule the world and every human.

Colonialism 2.0 is alive and kicking by committing crimes against humanity daily and with impunity especially in the last remaining large forests of our wonderful planet. Murder and rape, as committed in the Congo Basin even by UN peacekeepers, only completes the persistent horror and the agenda to "get rid of those useless people!" Or as an Ugandan Minister for Tourism stated: "The Pygmies are of less value than wildlife!". All such is done to just provide resources for neo-colonial corporations, multinationals and their affiliated governments of so-called developed nations in cohorts with the Colonial Eight (C8) and their EU, as well as the Five Eyes - the UK, the USofA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand - together with their vassals and nowadays China. They all are guilty in collaboration with the corrupted office-bearers in the target countries, be it in South Africa, in the Congo Basin, in Cameroon and Gabon, in Brazil, in Tibet, in West-Papua or elsewhere. Reconciliation or reconstitution to right the historical wrongs or conventions to stop present day's crimes against humanity are all buzz-words written on worthless paper and in majority just part of the delaying and deceiving tactics of the takers

Humanity therefore has to stand up and ensure that no further harm is done. "NOT IN OUR NAME!" must be the battle cry with which we have to rip apart the exploitation contracts hauled against the Forest Peoples, designed to rob their last natural homelands and steal their last natural resources; and by enforcing firmly a policy of "NOT WITH OUR MONEY" - including by worldwide consumer-boycotts, divestments and sanctions (BDS) - we must withhold the economic means these robber-barons - the lords of poverty and their political puppets - first gather from us to then launch their hoists.

The times where we could leave the work "to care for these poor souls" to missionaries and other mischiefs are over. We will provide you the information and evidence. Then it is your decision if you can stand it to participate in the genocide or if you finally will do the necessary and more where you so far believed you "could do nothing" within your means.

"For evil to persist good wo/men must do just nothing!"

It is high time that we stand in harms way to shield the Forest Peoples from outside aggression and harm. This is what they want from us: to be able to just live in peace.

Now the time has come for everyone to stand on their side and to end the genocide directed against the survivors of the very First Nations on Earth - the Forest Peoples and other Indigenous Peoples like the San (Bushmen), which is harming all true nations living in their traditional and sustainable ways. It is their and our last chance.

To get in contact please e-mail to fpcn[at]fpcn-global.org and link up to be counted as part of the phalanx of true humanity against genocide, ethnocide and ecocide.

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The Forum 'friends of Peoples close to Nature' - fPcN-interCultural -
is the global movement of groups and individuals concerned with the survival
of Indigenous Peoples and their cultures - in particular natural hunters and
fisher-folk as well as genuine gatherers of wild fruit and other plant products
for food, medicine and livelihood. These were the first and are the ultimate
societies on Earth to have a non-exploitative, sustainable relationship with the
natural world, that is today threatened by the destruction of ecosystems caused by unwise use and technologies of the taker societies leading to mass-extinction.

Our task is to stand upon request together with these ethnicities to protect their unique aboriginal cultures from enforced assimilation, alien religions, the false ideologies of 'progress' and 'growth' and as well from confinement inside colonial or post-colonial state constructs, the fatal absorption of their First Nations into the global economy, from entanglement in global politics or invasion by mass migration, from warfare as well as from modern disease vectors in order to secure their own way to maintain their genuinely human and humane values in their ways and as they wish.

fPcN subscribes to the philosophy expressed in this statement by Australian Aboriginal Elder Lilla Watson: "If you've come here to help me, you're wasting your time. But if you've come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together."

Contact us and become a pro-active member of fPcN-interCultural by writing to: friends of Peoples close to Nature via collective[at]fpcn-global.org